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Restoration completed near Gubbio, Umbria

The restoration of an old farmhouse which had been abandoned for many years is now finally completed. Plenty of light, crips, modern interior with a strong presence of the original stone structure. 

We started with a ruin and the challenge was to rebuild/restore using the same stone and same footprint. Tradition, safety (structural consolidation carried out according to anti-seismic regs) sustainability and comfort for this new summer house in the green heart of Italy.

New staircase in corten steel - to be completed

One of the recurrent issue when restoring an old farmhouse is where to locate the internal stairs and what material to use. These houses had in fact the two storeys completely separate, the ground floor as stables for animals and the upper floor for the people, with no internal connection but only an external – usually beautiful – staircase. So, when renovating the ground floor we need to insert new stairs. In order to save space and achieve lightness, I like to insert slender metal stairs, often in cor-ten (rusty metal) a material that integrate itself beautifully with the old, existing materials, such as stone, brick, timber of traditional umbrian farmhouses. Some of the pictures show a staircase being mounted and other example of a completed job.

Earthquake in Umbria: restoration and strengthening

The recent earthquake in Umbria and Marche has stressed the importance of (re)building and restoring with particular attention to the actual structure and not just to the external look (such as nice old beams, stones, etc). One of the key points of making houses stronger against earthquakes is to create a connection between the walls (vertical structure) and the roof/floors (horizontal structure). This can be achieved with a metal beam running on top of the perimeter of the wall, which is in turn connected to the roof slab (concrete or wood) with metal brackets. The beam, usually “U” shaped, is connected to the wall below with long screws, bolts and resin. This allows the building to act more like a box, in which the horizontal and vertical panes are joint together, and therefore create the necessary strength to respond to seismic actions. The recent earthquake in Umbria gives us the chance to repair and restore our old building and have them ready for the next earthquake. Which is about to happen again, being the Apennines region an active seismic area. Restoration in Umbria by architect Marco Carlini.

Restoration near Gubbio, Umbria

Restoration of an old farmhouse near Gubbio. Work started on site a few months ago and it's now well under way. The building was nearly a ruin, with no roofs or floors and very damaged walls. We are currently rebuilding the roof and internal floors using traditional material (timber and terracotta pianelle) and anti-seismic devices, such as steel ring beams.

Pool - Nestore Valley. Umbria

Wooden House, exterior and garden

Wooden House "Pineta": interior now completed!

New pool in Umbria

Wooden House "Pineta": nearly completed

the wooden house "Pineta" is now nearly completed. Parquet floor in wood (italian oak), reclaimed wooden planks in internal walls, kitchen cabinets in rough oak, worktop in white okite. Taps from Fantini, Fukusawa range.


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