marco carlini architetto
marco carlini architetto

Wood buildings

Building in wood achieves many important goals: a wooden structure is

  1. anti-seismic, due to its extremely lightness and elastic properties;
  2. quick to build, as the panels are prefab, precut and dry-assembled on site;
  3. energy efficient and comfortable, as the this panels can be heavily insulated without loosing floor space, and wood is an hygroscopic material that creates a natural and healthy environment;
  4. ecological, as timber comes from sustainable sources such as well-manages forests.
  5. cost-effective, the exact final cost can be agreed without surprises, due to the optimization of the production&assembly process.

It is basically a dry construction, without any need of concrete (apart from the base): just solid timber panels, metal plates and timber floor. I tend to prefer X-lam construction instead of timber frame, due to its mass, which provides a better performance in the summer months.  A house built in solid wood is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, safe and always extremely comfortable!

"Pineta" Wooden house - Umbertide

"Ghiandaia" Wooden house - Preggio

A good, local,  wood construction company, which can provide a full service and a variety of technical solutions:


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